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Web Design

DATAFON offers Web site design services of high level with emphasis in the appearance.

  • Our specifications are:
      • We design specially for each customer.
      • Our creations are special for each customer based on his/her needs and the company's concept that is needed to be promoted.
      • We create layouts until the customers gets what he wants. Therefore we do not give the customer one or more layouts to choose from but we re-design the web site until we get the desirable outcome, because we are confident that we can provide it.
      • We do not stop proposing new layouts unless the customer is absolutely satisfied with the design.
  • All our designs:
      • Cross-browser design
        All web pages, menus and effects are designed to be viewed in all browsers. This includes all versions of the most popular ones as Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Firefox and Opera.
      • Cross-Resolution design
        The web sites are designed in order to have the same functionality and aesthetic result regardless of the user's screen resolution. Whether the user has a 15 inches monitor (usually 800x600 resolution), or 17 inches monitor (usually 1024x768 resolution), or any other the user will never see an horizontal scrolling bar.
      • Fast
        Special graphical optimization for faster web site download speed.
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  • Telekommunikation
  • Satellitanlagen

.gr Domain registrieren
DATAFON is certified by the National Telecommunications and Post Commission, as an official Registrar of Domain Names [.gr].You can easily, safely and with low cost register your domain name [.gr].